Yoga Syzygy – 2nd edition

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Ma Yogashakti’s divine nature emerged naturally through the medium of yoga in the sacred city of Varanasi, India. Through deep devotion to God, strong determination, single- mindedness and constant tapas or penance, she was able to attain perfection in raja, karma, gyaan, and bhakti yoga. She was inspired to spread yoga and spirituality throughout the world through her lectures, writings and centers. Her divine touch has personally improved, transformed, and elevated countless lives. She is truly a loving mother who showers her blessings on all who come to her.

Yoga Syzygy is a translation with commentary of the yoga treatise Gherand Samhita, by the ancient master of yogic wisdom Rishi Gerand. While little is known about the personal life of this yogi, his treatise has been popular in India for centuries and has served as a source of inspiration to thousands of yogis. To preserve the authenticity of the treatise, the original Sanskrit text is included, followed by the illuminating commentaries of a living master of yogic wisdom, Ma Yoga Shakti.

Yoga students are encouraged to use Yoga Syzygy as a guide through the natural yogic progression of purification, aasanas, mudraas, and bandhas, praanaayaam, and ultimately samaadhi. It addresses subtle points of yoga that are rarely found in any form in modern yoga texts. Guided by the commentaries based on the practical experiences of Ma Yoga Shakti, the student will be able to master the profound wisdom of this ancient source.

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