The Wisdom of the Vedas

These are the first lines of Ishavasya Upanisad, which is a part of Yajur Veda. The Vedas, which are some of man’s earliest writings have been dated to about 5000 years ago. These lines have a very beautiful meaning, which has a great message for modern-day man. They say,”Whatever you see, even the tiniest particle, is impregnated with the Divine everlasting energy. Without renouncing that energy, enjoy the world. However, do not be greedy. To whom do you think the wealth belongs?”

Everything you see here, animate or inanimate is possessed by the divine energy known as “Isha”. Nothing is left. There is no exception. The whole universe is pervaded by the divine presence.

Without renouncing that energy and keeping God with you, but living with an attitude of renunciation, enjoy the world.

However, there is one guideline. Enjoy the world, but don’t be greedy. (Ma gridha). To whom do you think the wealth belongs? Do not take more than you need.

If you are not attached, if you are not possessed by or obsessed by the things of the world, then you will always keep healthy, happy and wise. If you get obsessed by the world, your vision is blurred.

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